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Looking to hire the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra or its musicians for your event?


The MFO is unique in its diverse outlook and ability to deliver performances of the highest standard across a multitude of musical genres and concert formats.


From classical to pop, intimate private events to national-level productions and recording projects, the MFO’s professional musicians and management team have years of experience working with both local and international producers and event organisers.

The MFO is able to assume various configurations as required; from a full symphony orchestra down to a small chamber ensemble.


Configurations such as:

• Symphony Orchestra

(50 or more musicians)

• Chamber Orchestra

(20 - 50 musicians)


Configurations such as:

• String Quartet (4 musicians)

• Woodwind Quintet (5 musicians)

• Brass Quintet (5 musicians)

• Percussion Ensemble (variable)

• Mixed Ensembles (3 - 15 musicians)

To discuss your event in more detail and to get a quote, please contact us at hire@metropolitan.sg

In addition, we also offer complete Concert Management services for your event from conceptualisation to technical production and marketing.


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