Interview with Kris Tan - Founder of the Kris Foundation

The Kris Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on 26th July 2011 by Ms Kris Tan and administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore. Their interdisciplinary projects combines classical music with other disciplines in art, music and lifestyle providing a platform for future generation of musicians the development of musicianship, knowledge and to enrich their potential talent through cultural diversity in Singapore.

Their mission is to empower future generations of classical musicians with the opportunities to develop their musicianship, expand their knowledge and enrich their potential talent. Thus, upholding the values of musicianship to the society.

The Majestic Piano is the MFO's inaugural performance held on 1 June at SOTA Concert Hall. Together with award-winning Japanese pianist Miyuki Washimiya, join us as we bring to life two of the most popular piano concertos ever written. Tickets can be purchased through SISTIC.

This concert is presented by the Kris Foundation.

MFO: Kris, you must be very excited about the upcoming concert The Majestic Piano – Miyuki Washimiya plays Grieg and Emperor Concertos, which will be the first time that an orchestral concert is being presented under the auspices of the Kris Foundation. What are you expecting from Ms Washimiya as well as the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra?

KT: Yes, I am very excited for this concert, as it is not very often that such a programme is presented by a community-based organisation. I envision this concert to be a memorable one, leaving a deep impression among the audiences because an excellent orchestra and pianist are vital in successfully staging these challenging repertoires.

MFO: How is the repertoire for the concerts that have been presented by the Kris Foundation decided upon? Do you leave it entirely up to the performers, or do you work with them to fine-tune what they propose?

KT: I would first think of a theme and present it to the performers. They would then select pieces that will complement the theme. After which, I would work with them to fine-tune what they propose as I feel that the pieces that are to be presented should be capable of expressing their musicality and capability.

MFO: The Kris Foundation is still fairly young, but has successfully presented quite a number of concerts. What is your vision for the Foundation, and what are some of the projects that you plan on undertaking over the next few years.

KT: After each concert, I would acquire feedback from the audience to gather the thoughts of the majority to aid in Kris Foundation’s direction. Therefore, I look forward to bringing in more programmes that will further enrich people’s lives and also reinforce what Kris Foundation stands for.

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