Post Concert Interview - Chan Tze Law

Maestro Chan Tze Law is MFO's Music Director. Besides leading the MFO, he is also the Associate Director at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and Music Director of the Orchestra of the Music Makers. You can read more about him here.

The MFO team sits down with Maestro Chan to speak about MFO's inaugural performances presented in June 2013.

MFO: Maestro Chan, with the inaugural public concerts of the MFO just over, how would you rate the performance of the MFO at both "The Majestic Piano" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"?

CTL: The orchestra has done very well. With such projects there is always a lot to deliver with very little time to do it. The MFO team also deserves credit for the success, as musicians have enjoyed these performances with us.

MFO: How was the collaboration between the piano soloist Miyuki Washimiya, yourself and the orchestra for "The Majestic Piano"? It must have been a mammoth task to mount a performance of 2 large piano concertos in a single concert.

CTL: I enjoy collaborations like such and thus it was a real pleasure to work with Miyuki. The two concerti were from different periods and so it was a great journey to be able to explore both works in one evening. Those who know me know that concerti is one of my favourite genres. I dare say we can look forward to more such adventures!

MFO: So many musical forces had to come together on stage for "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", from the 100 musicians in the MFO, 100 singers in the International Festival Chorus, 50 singers in the Young Voices of Vocal Associates, boy soprano Samuel Yuen, solo vocalist Kaitlyn Lusk and of course all marshalled together by conductor Justin Freer. How do you think the musicians of the orchestra fared?

CTL: Extremely well. LOTR is a massive undertaking; the musicians play for 3 hours each performance. But I could see they enjoyed it and Maestro Freer was most inspiring. There are notable rhythmic as well as expressive challenges to the magnificent score and both were handled with aplomb. I think the MFO musicians and concertmaster Chan Yoong Han developed a real connection with the Maestro.

MFO: Some observers have said that it is an intriguing but clear statement of intent for the MFO to publicly debut with a very traditional classical concert followed by a very non-traditional contemporary mainsteam one. What can we expect more of from the MFO in the coming months?

CTL: Haha! The answer lies in the question!

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