Press Release: Bridging Frontiers


Bringing Together Western and Chinese Classical Music in a Celebration of Orchestra Music that Crosses Cultural Boundaries

The Metropolitan Festival Orchestra announces that it will be presenting its first Bridging Frontiers concert, which is conceived as an annual concert series that will feature Singapore’s first and only fully-independent professional symphony orchestra in groundbreaking classical concert programmes. This year’s inaugural concert, conducted by MFO Music Director Chan Tze Law, will bring together lovers of both Chinese and Western classical music in a celebration of orchestral music that crosses cultural boundaries, combining the artistry of some of Singapore’s most recognisable and respected classical musicians.

Horn player Han Chang Chou, one of the Asia’s most prominent brass players, will perform Richard Strauss’s iconic Horn Concerto No.1 Op.11, while erhu players Ling Hock Siang and Wilson Neo take centre-stage in Liu Xi Jin’s Double Erhu Concerto “Hymn of Wusuli”, rearranged for Western orchestra by Singaporean composer Eric Watson. The concert will also feature the MFO performing Antonín Dvořák’s ever popular Carnival Overture Op.92 and Richard Strauss’ Don Juan, Op.20, one of the all-time great showpieces for symphony orchestra.

The MFO has partnered with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre to spread awareness about SG Gives through this concert. SG Gives is an online donation portal for donors who seek to give to Singapore-registered charities. Unlike fundraising through flag days, gala dinners or charity auctions, SG Gives allows donations to be made day and night, all week, all year round via a secure website at

Click HERE to download the press release.

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