Acclaimed vocalist Rosalind Waters to sing with the MFO in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towe

Due to personal reasons, vocalist Kaitlyn Lusk will not be able to join the MFO for The Two Towers performances this year. In her place, eminent vocalist Rosalind Waters from the UK will be singing the solo vocal parts for the performances.

Rosalind is famous to audiences around the world as the voice in the iconic British Airways Worldwide TV Advertising Campaign in 1997 (Lakmé duet) and can also be heard on the soundtracks of many blockbuster films including the Star Wars and Harry Potter film franchises.

Rosalind will be performing in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, Vocal Associates Chorus and Childrens Choir on 6 & 7 June 2014 at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre. Please click here for more information.

MFO: We're looking forward to welcoming you to Singapore to perform in the Asian Premiere of "The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers" with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. Will this be your first visit or performance in Singapore?

Rosalind Waters (RW): This is my first visit and first performance in Singapore, I am looking forward to seeing your country and working together.

MFO: You've been involved in the soundtrack recording of many major film productions, including the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises (to name a few). Can you describe the experience of singing live with an orchestra and chorus as part of a full movie screening, as compared to recording in the studio? What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of this kind of performance?

RW: When you record for the first time in a studio you have never seen the movie or heard the music before so it is helpful to understand what is going on action wise in the movie first so you can give the correct vocal colour to match the emotion in any given part of the soundtrack.

The difference in performing live is that you know what you are performing before you walk out on stage, you have rehearsed, you are prepared musically for the performance and you know the colours you will create vocally but you are always finding new ways of expressing in the moment. There is the emotional aspect of singing live in front of hundreds or thousands of people, feeling their presence and their reactions... There is an energy in a live performance created between those on stage and the audience, between the studio and live I always prefer live!

MFO: Can you tell us about the parts of the performance where you will be singing? Which scenes of the movie will these be during, and what kind of musical and emotional effect will you be seeking to create?

RW: In the performance of The Two Towers my first appearance happens in the second half of the film, for the sake of this concert I sing after the interval. There are many small and important sections I sing in, all in Elvish, these are mainly interspersions or dramatic effects for a few bars to colour the story line but the main solo is normally during the end credits, It's 'Gollum's Song,' this is sung in English.

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