MFO Announcement - Appointment of Associate Conductor

The MFO is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Ian Woodward as our Associate Conductor.

Prof. Woodward is currently a Professor at INSEAD – The Business School for the World, specialising in leadership, organisational behavior and communications, and is the programme director of its flagship Advanced Management Programme. He has a unique combination of business, leadership and music experience. Click here to read more about Prof. Woodward.

As Associate Conductor of the MFO, Prof. Woodward will lead the MFO’s newly-launched Sounds of Leadership workshop, which utilizes the orchestra as a case study for fostering transformative leadership and communication in high performance business organisations.

MFO Executive Producer Dr Kevin Koh: “The Sounds of Leadership workshop that Ian will be leading with the MFO is an important part of the MFO’s strategy of developing itself as a sustainable enterprise that is in tune with the times through platforms that allow it to connect and bring together people and communities in meaningful ways that improve and enrich their lives.The orchestra as a performance medium and human-based organisation is still highly relevant to the world in which we live in today, and Ian’s unique combination of high-level expertise in the musical, leadership and business fields will allow the MFO to bridge these domains in insightful and transformative ways.”

Prof. Ian Woodward, newly-appointed MFO Associate Conductor: “It is a tremendous honour to make my collaboration with the MFO more formal and extensive as its Associate Conductor. Being a business school professor and part time conductor combines two of my deep passions – leadership development and music. Having worked successfully with the MFO in myLeadership through Music Performance sessions in INSEAD’s executive development programmes during the past three years, I look forward to the additional performances I will direct with the orchestra itself. Already we've created a wonderfully interactive Sounds of Leadership workshop and we intend to build other special performances with the MFO as well into the future connecting the worlds of leadership and music. There is simply no high performance team experience like working with a live orchestra of talented players and performing beautiful music.”

Prof. Chan Tze Law, MFO Music Director: “I am delighted to welcome Prof. Ian Woodward on board as our Associate Conductor. Modern orchestral musicians demonstrate so many different skill-sets in their work that it makes total sense to unpack these transferable skills for the benefit of others. Together with Prof. Woodward, the MFO musicians will be able to demonstrate what really makes them tick, and how they reconcile the roles of team player and leader among their peers.”

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