Surprise performance by Paul Anka adds to glitz and glamour of UOB's 80th anniversary dinner

SINGAPORE - United Overseas Bank held its 80th anniversary dinner on Thursday night (Nov 12).

After guests had enjoyed a delicious dinner, complete with wines, dessert was served. But there was an even sweeter ending. The bank pulled out a surprise treat for the guests and employees present - legendary pop and jazz superstar Paul Anka.

The crooner opened with "Diana"and proceeded to rouse the crowd with a string of popular hits including "New York, New York" and "Times of Your Life".

Here were some highlights:

1. While singing "Times of Your Life", Mr Anka played a video he had prepared showing photos from his past and present. Some photos were of him with celebrity friends he has worked with, including Celine Dion and Michael Buble. He also showed off photos of his family. The crooner shared that he had five adult daughters and a 10-year-old son named Ethan.

2. Mr Anka often left the stage to sing and dance with the crowd, even waltzing with audience members with mic in hand. He even managed to persuade a few members of the UOB team to take the mic and sing along.

3. Mr Anka was flown in with a 10-piece band and five-member crew. In addition to his own band members, five brass musicians and the 31-piece Metropolitan Festival Orchestra from Singapore supported the performance, creating a spectacular, big band atmosphere.

4. After a rousing performance of "My Way", a song he wrote for Frank Sinatra in 1967, Mr Anka sang the song a second time - but with the lyrics changed for UOB and Singapore:

Three cheers for 80 years

The world reveres

The best in banking

Chairman E and UOB

Respectfully, it's you we're thanking

Tonight it seems so right

With great delight

The Singapore way

For all you do

This song's for you

Here's My Way

Your way

Among, the praises sung

Is Wee Ee Cheong

He's in the know here

Agreed, with style and speed

He takes the lead, as CEO here

Feels great to celebrate

This milestone date

In such resplendence

Pure glee, your jubilee, a half-century

Of independence

80 grand years as we reflect

You've earned our trust and our respect

Steeped in tradition, that's well-known

Embracing progress as you've grown

Still going strong

My way's your song

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