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25 October 2014 • 7:00pm

26 October 2014 • 5:00pm

Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Docki Kim • Conductor

Korea National Opera

Metropolitan Festival Orchestra

Soul Mate is a Korean original opera about the Korean traditional wedding ceremonies and customs that showcases the beauty of Korean art and design within a hilarious comedy. The opera had its debut in March 2006 at the Frankfurt Opera House, under the name of Der Hochzeitstag (The Wedding), and was critically acclaimed for the ideal blend of Korean culture and European formality. When the opera had its Korean premiere in 2006 with the new name Soul Mate, the audiences saw the birth of a Korean opera that all of the world can sympathize with. Use of progressive colors and esthetic images of Korea in the stage design, accompanied by a mixture of tension and relaxation in music, has created a new standard for the Korean original opera. Soul Mate had also performed in Tokyo (2007) and Beijing (2008), touching the hearts outside the Korea.


"Gwanhonsangje" - the four ceremonial occasions of coming of age, wedding, funeral and ancestral rites - seems to be a term that abbreviates life's moments. Marriage, through which one becomes united one's lifelong companion, is perhaps the crowning moment. The Korea National Opera's Soul Mate is an opera that shows how marriage is the most beautiful moment in life, "the springtime of life."


Soul Mate is accompanied by Singapore's very own Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. 

Tickets may be purchased from all SISTIC authorised channels.

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