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Musical Bridges is a digital video concert programme by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, featuring recorded performances of Kelly Tang's Concerto in Three Movements for Solo Piano and Orchestra (2015) and Eric Watson's Concerto for Erhu and Symphony Orchestra (2021). 

Created over the canvas of a traditional Western orchestra, both of the featured works by Cultural Medallion recipients Kelly Tang and Eric Watson are shining examples of how musical elements of different local ethnic groups can be blended into new musical works that appeal to both local and international audiences.

In particular, the Malay folksong Gelang Sipaku Gelang is used as the foundation of the last movement of the piano concerto, whereas the Tamil national day song Singai Naadu serves as one of the inspirations for the erhu concerto.

Homegrown Singaporean musicians Clarence Lee (Piano) and Chia Wan Hua (Erhu) are guest soloists for the respective works, conducted by MFO Music Director Chan Tze Law.

Important NoteA key objective of the programme is to catalyse meaningful discussions in the classroom about the role that music can play in promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding in Singapore's context, in line with national education priorities of building a more resilient and inclusive society.

This programme is part of the Digital Performing Arts-Based Learning (PABL) Pilot commissioned by the National Arts Council in partnership with the Ministry of Education Arts Education Branch.

What's Included in the Programme

  1. Pre-Performance Video (25 mins)

  2. Performance Video (35 mins)

  3. Accompanying Lesson Plans for teachers to use in conjunction with MOE's Lower Secondary General Music Syllabus


Students will receive individual E-tickets that will allow them to access and review the videos on their own devices via the SISTIC Live platform.

How to Purchase

Musical Bridges is currently only available for booking and use by MOE Secondary Schools and registered international schools based in Singapore.

Programme cost is SGD 15 per student.

To book, please use this Booking Form.

Time-Limited: Complimentary Access for Schools' Pre-Booking Evaluation

Teachers at eligible schools may request for complimentary access to the Pre-Performance and Performance Videos, to allow them to evaluate the suitability of using the programme with their students.

To request for this, please use this Request Form.

Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

This programme is eligible for schools to claim the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy for up to 50% of the booking cost.

Please check the NAC-AEP website for more information.


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