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What We Do • Concert Management

The MFO offers all-round concert management services for a broad range of event formats.


With years of experience managing world-class music events in all major venues across Singapore, our expertise in concert management is extensive, covering all elements intrinsic to concert events and the music industry.


Our services are highly customisable to the requirements of your event. Whether you are a touring arts organisation staging an event in Singapore, a musician seeking concert management support, or a business organisation looking for guidance on live entertainment, we offer packages specifically tailored to your needs.


• Conceptualisation and feasibility studies

• ​Contract negotiation

• ​Budgeting

• ​Rights licensing and performance permits

• ​Venue procurement

• ​Production scheduling and logistics

• ​Technical operations

• ​Travel and accommodation

• Personnel management

• Marketing and publicity

• Production of promotional collateral

• Proof-reading, editing and copywriting

• Ticketing

• Front of House management

• On-site event management

• Settlement and financial reporting

and many more...

As a professional orchestra, we deliver successful performances by supporting the musical brilliance of our musicians on-stage with an equally dynamic management team, operating tirelessly behind-the-scenes. Ensure the best for your own by working with the MFO.


To discuss your event in more detail and to get a quote, please contact us at

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