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Sounds of Leadership


The Orchestral Experience for Executives


Ever thought of your CEO as a conductor?

How would you define a successful leader?

What makes a high performance organisation work?


Sounds of Leadership is a unique corporate training workshop designed for Upper Management and C-Level Executives to explore how the lessons of orchestral performance can epitomise leadership and management principles.


Sit amongst a professional orchestra to realise the importance of collaboration, communication and innovation to achieve high performance results in a dynamic team.


This real-time analogy provides an inspiring and valuable experience from which participants can reassess their capabilities and personal leadership style.


Professor Ian Woodward

Sounds of Leadership is led by Professor Ian Woodward who is an Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Programme Director of the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD - The Business School for the World. Ian is also the Associate Conductor of the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra.


Before academia, he served as a chief executive, senior executive and board member of major public and private organisations, particularly in the energy utility and financial services sectors.


His musical background includes classical music broadcasting, record production and conducting of choirs and orchestras worldwide. He has created a series of special leadership and music sessions to bring classical music and contemporary business together in a way which is relevant for today's business climate. 

Read more about Ian here.


A fully-professional orchestra at your fingertips


No other leadership experience is quite like the interactive involvement of working with a live orchestra. It is memorable. It is high performance.


Be captivated by the recognisable music of great orchestral composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart while examining the conductor's role and how musicians lead and collaborate within an orchestra as a precision-based team of professionals. The experience will allow business leaders to:


·       Sit within the orchestra, to discuss and interact directly with skilled musicians

·       Be selected to conduct the orchestra

·       Perform within a chorus, accompanied by the orchestra


In this way Sounds of Leadership introduces a dynamic vocabulary for discussing and developing three crucial dimensions of successful leadership:


·       Achieving High Performance, Results and Commitment

·       Leading for Collaboration and Engagement

·       Effective Leadership Communication 


Every Sounds of Leadership workshop is individually customised to achieve each organisation's specific training objectives.


Innovative and powerful business insights


The aim of the experience for the organisation, and the performance for the orchestra is unanimous; for both bodies to work collaboratively, in tune and in time with each other to deliver outstanding results.


By stepping out of the day-to-day duties and standard training adopted by a leader, management executives can take away an inspiring new outlook on leadership in order to move their business forward for high performance.


Client Feedback


"One of the most memorable learning experiences of my life."

Asian Regional CFO

Global Investment Bank


"I want to bring my whole team to this - we need to be like this orchestra."

Chief Executive Officer

Multinational Property & Infrastructure Company


"This brought the complexities of leading my business into focus and impact.

I understand why the sound we need has to be different."

Managing Director

Global Insurance Firm


"Inspirational, challenging, practical - unforgettable."

Managing Director

Global Consumer Products Company

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